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SATELITKOM | 021-7463-9439 l 021-26875804

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SATELITKOM | 021-7463-9439 l 021-26875804
SATELITKOM | 021-7463-9439 l 021-26875804
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SATELITKOM | 021-7463-9439 l 021-26875804 l 021-26875804 l SATKOM GROUP l Spesialis Phone Satelit l 021-7463-9439 | iridium 9555 l telepon thuraya l telepon iridium l telepon inmarsat l telepon globalstar l BGAN Explorer | iridium 9555 | iridium 9505a, telepon thuraya, telepon iridium, telepon inmarsat, telepon globalstar

Welcome to the truly " One Stop Shopping " of Satelit Komunikasi International ( SATKOM) .

SATKOM is a dedicated supplier of mobile satellite communications and integrated IT solutions. We are unique in being able to provide our customers with a single point of contact for all their satellite hardware, airtime, software application and support needs truly one stop shopping.

With offices in Indonesia, Singapore & Hong Kong, SATKOM offers unsurpassed 24x7 service and support from our dedicated team of satellite communications and IT professionals. With more than 20 years of combined experience in maritime and satellite communications, SATKOM is your first choice.

SATKOM has built its reputation on service and the ability to meet our customers needs anywhere, anytime. Our motto is Every Minute Counts , so we understand the need for speed when supporting 24x7 operations wherever you may be.

As an Independent Satellite Service Provider, we provide solutions that are based on your unique needs. Our services are not tied to any proprietary software, particular airtime provider or hardware package.

SATKOM is an Iridium First Tier Service Provider ( the highest category) , as well as a Service Partner for most of the major Inmarsat Land Earth Stations. Also, SATKOM has been appointed as a Certified Partner of HMC

SATKOM is known for our outstanding innovative products and services. Especially, SATKOMmail, a state of the art email solution for satellite communication.

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